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Drive unprecedented growth by

turning inconsistency into

 relentless action.

The LEARNABLE Superpower

With CONSISTENCY, anything is possible.  Without it, nothing changes. 


The Challenged INDIVIDUAL

You are brimming with intelligence and talent.  You just need to develop one essential skill.

Do you ever feel like you’re performing below your potential?  In your heart, do you know you could be more, have more, enjoy more?  You’re are only one simple step away from transforming your life.  We can help.

The Driven LEADER

Have you ever wondered why people simply can’t do what you’ve done?

80% of your team members are literally wired differently than you.  What works for you, doesn’t work for them. Until you understand this you are locked into a frustrating and under-performing leadership model.  Let us help you break out.


The key to growth is flawless execution.  The key to flawless execution is relentless consistency.

An organization’s growth and profitability depends on the consistency of its people. Change, innovation and improvement can be initiated from the top, but execution will determine success. So the question becomes simple: How can you get your entire
organization to act on your vision consistently?

A fun-filled, audience-engaging experience that ignites achievement.

Imagine if you could tap into the limitless potential of your team, your company… yourself.

The Consistency Chain program moves the needle.  Sure, it’s entertaining, funny, compelling, insightful, contrarian, motivating and inspiring. But, none of that matters if your audience doesn’t use the information to make real change and progress. That’s where this program excels. Everyone in the room will leave with three things.  1) A better understanding of themselves.  2) A workable blueprint to make transformative changes in their lives. 3) The tools to support and encourage that change.

Everyone deserves the chance to be the best person they can possibly be.

Learn how to bring consistency
to your organization.


80% of people are wired for inconsistency. Literally. To make real change, you need a plan specifically designed for these talented, capable, (and inconsistent) individuals.
The Consistency Chain is that plan.

Everything you and your team needs to succeed. Consistently.

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Whether you’re the consistency challenged individual, the driven leader or the striving organization, this book will help turbo-charge your performance and level up your results.

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What they’re saying.

Real people.  Real results.

You have done what no one else ever does. You reached the people on our team that needed to be reached. We have people on our team who were never top producers, but always reliable. Now, many are getting some incredible results!

In a world where speakers come in to fire up a team, “motivate”.  They create feelings that often don’t even survive the flight back home. You come in and show those who need it most the way to make that difference.

Don LaPlume

Co-Founder, Asirvia

“George and Jim gave a fascinating and insightful presentation to a group of highly productive Real Estate agents who work in my brokerage.“

Jim Dunning

Broker / Owner
KellerWilliams Arizona Realty

How blown away were we with the Consistency Chain presentation?  After the initial engagement, we IMMEDIATELY rebooked George and Jim for our national convention.

This program a game changer.  They approach this problem from a fresh perspective.  George and Jim provide a breakthrough strategy to acquire consistency.  Best of all, it is designed for the very people that need it the most.  

Kevin Marino

Business Consultant