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Don LaPlume

Co-Founder, Asirvia

You have done what no one else ever does. You reached the people on our team that needed to be reached. We have people on our team who were never top producers, but always reliable. Now, many are getting some incredible results!

In a world where speakers come in to fire up a team, “motivate”.  They create feelings that often don’t even survive the flight back home. You come in and show those who need it most the way to make that difference.

Eric Larson

Solar City

“The Consistency Chain was excellent. Both the material and the presentation were extremely well done. The team has been talking about it and I know I am going to act on it in my personal life.

I feel every individual and organization wants to move from average or below, to above average and beyond, the question is how? George answered that question convincingly, while entertaining the group, and gave a follow-able blue print of how to get there.

Not just the material, but also the way it was presented resonated. The program is both funny and also hits home with the people that need to hear it the most.

This presentation would be invaluable for any group or individual that would like to better themselves, or their organization. George has my 100% recommendation.”

Jordan Adler

#1 Distributor, SendOutCards

George has a unique perspective that transcends the 80/20 rule that we have all been hearing about for years.  After learning The Consistency Chain, you’ll come away with a strategy that will work for everyone and not just the 20%er’s. This is a philosophy that all business people need to be exposed to.

Pat Hintze

Founding Wellness Partner at Amare Global

Consistency Chain conveys, in a compelling, entertaining style, an important message that can benefit everyone.

Kevin Pentland

Live Event Attendee

“The Consistency Chain program was one of the best I have EVER heard. It helped me understand why, at 69, I have never achieved major success in my life. I have done well in some areas, but financially no. You have given me hope that with the years I have left, to give my wife of 49 years some of the finer things I have always wanted to give her. The chain will not be unbroken again!

P.S. Loved your humor, content and the sincerity of your heart. May you keep bringing smiles and hope to many for years to come.”

Russ DeVan

Founder & CEO
Success by Design, Inc

Consistency Chain proves that personal development doesn’t need to take years or even days. It can be accomplished in two hours.

Danielle Noel Hawthorne

Publisher & Marketing Strategist

“I was plagued by inconsistency in my entrepreneurial endeavors for years, which caused tremendous financial challenges. And then it crept into my nutrition and fitness,   Achieving inconsistent success in these three areas left me with the relentless question, “Why?”

Then I was introduced to the Consistency Chain.   I launched a new project using the  Consistency Chain principles.  I closed my first sale at my first appointment and my consistent activities set off a chain reaction in sale size and frequency.

I’m living with renewed confidence, a mindset of abundance and a constantly growing belief level are just a few of the benefits of applying the principles I’ve learned due to the Consistency Chain.

Jim Dunning

Broker / Owner
KellerWilliams Arizona Realty

“George gave a fascinating and insightful presentation to a group of highly productive Real Estate agents who work in my brokerage.

He did a great job of mixing in humor along with getting the message across.

I am definitely planning on having them come back and speak again!”

Kevin Marino

Business Consultant

How blown away were we with the Consistency Chain presentation?  After the initial engagement, we IMMEDIATELY rebooked George for our national convention.

This program a game changer.  They approach this problem from a fresh perspective.  George provides a breakthrough strategy to acquire consistency.  Best of all, it is designed for the very people that need it the most.  


Learn how to bring consistency
to your organization.


80% of people are wired for inconsistency. Literally. To make real change, you need a plan specifically designed for these talented, capable, (and inconsistent) individuals.
The Consistency Chain is that plan.

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