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Consistency Chain Consistency Chain

consistency [kuhn-sis-tuhn-see]

1. The most assumed, least developed organizational and human asset.

Approximately 20% of people have a natural tendency to be consistent.  We call them: leaders.  Then we ask these (naturally consistent) leaders to coach, instruct, and assist (naturally inconsistent) people, who are literally wired differently.  (The disparity can be seen on an FMRI machine.)

That disconnect results in mutual frustration and huge opportunity losses.   To bridge this gap, aspiring companies need be to create a Culture of Consistency.

“Until the 80% are given a strategy aligned with their hard wiring, they are going to struggle.  They are currently trying to change behavior through “brute force.”  And over time, “brute force” saps energy and will power.  And people stop.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new sales goal, customer service initiative, or diet and exercise regimen.  Over time, most people slide back to the norm.

So, it really just comes down to three concepts:

-The most certain way to make your organization more valuable is to make your people more valuable. 

-And the most certain way to make your people more valuable is to make them more consistent.

Consistency Chain is the science-backed, subject-tested, way to help your people grow more consistent.

Key Program Takeaways:

  • Understand the neuroscience of why people are inconsistent
  • Learn to leverage short-term action into sustainable, long-term success
  • Grab the key to breaking out of the Pareto “80/20 Box”
  • Discover why traditional goals frustrate and fail the majority… and how to overcome that
  • Empower leaders to support their potential-rich, but inconsistency-prone performers
Consistency Chain is the perfect companion piece to any plan demanding action.

Inconsistency is to success... like icebergs were to the Titanic

Learn how to bring consistency
to your organization.


80% of people are wired for inconsistency. Literally. To make real change, you need a plan specifically designed for these talented, capable, (and inconsistent) individuals.
The Consistency Chain is that plan.

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