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If you’ve had a life-long challenge with consistency, you’re finally going to understand why.  More importantly, you’re going to begin to change.  If you’re a leader, you’re going to understand how to support that change in your team.


This book is an unfair advantage!

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George has a unique perspective that transcends the 80/20 rule that we have all been hearing about for years. After learning The Consistency Chain, you’ll come away with a strategy that will work for everyone and not just the 20%er’s. This is a philosophy that all business people need to be exposed to.

Jordan Adler

#1 Distributor, SendOutCards

If you were to read just one book to give you an unfair advantage for guaranteed success in your business it would have to be The Consistency Chain by George Campbell and Jim Packard. If you are new in your business or if you have been struggling for years, this book will get you to a success level that you could never imagine. That is if you read it and put it in consistent action!

George Madiou


Lighthearted, self-deprecating, funny, and 'consistently' wise, this dual narrative proves that personal development doesn't need to take years or even days. It can be accomplished in two hours.

Russ DeVan

Founder & CEO
Success by Design, Inc

Consistency Chain conveys, in a compelling, entertaining style, an important message that can benefit everyone.

Pat Hintze

Founding Wellness Partner at Amare Global

For decades, inconsistent people have been handed the wrong user’s manual.  This book is focused on the consistency challenged individuals who desperately want to change.  It leverages the very attribute that is holding you back, desire for instant gratification, into a powerful tool for relentless consistency.

If you have failed with other books, methods and programs, don’t be discouraged.  Those approaches didn’t work because they didn’t account for the very real difference in the wiring of people’s brains.  Don’t give up.  The Consistency Chain is a book is written for you.