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Fully access the talents and abilities of all your people.

Growth and profitability depends on the consistency of your people.

Change, innovation and improvement can be initiated from the top, but execution will determine success. So the question becomes simple: How can you get your entire organization to act on your vision consistently?

The Consistency Chain live program has a unique structure and two-pronged approach.  Two very different presenters connect with two very different types of people in your audience.

Jim Packard is a man with an unbroken string of successes, in his personal life and in both traditional and network marketing businesses.  He is a man your leaders will instantly identify with and relate to.  He will help them to better understand and effectively lead their team.

George Campbell is the kind of person who used to drive Jim Packard crazy.  Obvious talent and potential and yet infuriatingly inconsistent. 80% of your audience, the inconsistent majority, is going to finally witness someone on stage who understands their internal conflict and validates their experience.  George’s personal story of beating procrastination and inconsistency will provide inspiration and a path for everyone to follow.


You have done what no one else ever does. You reached the people on our team that needed to be reached. We have people on our team who were never top producers, but always reliable. Now, many are getting some incredible results!

In a world where speakers come in to fire up a team, “motivate”.  They create feelings that often don’t even survive the flight back home. You come in and show those who need it most the way to make that difference.

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Don LaPlume

Co-Founder, Asirvia

What we do.


Before we speak to your group,
we work with your leaders.


We prove that Consistency Chain
works. With your people.


We offer a free app to help everyone utilize this new information.


We participate in leadership calls after the event to keep the momentum rolling.

How blown away were we with the Consistency Chain presentation?  After the initial engagement, we IMMEDIATELY rebooked George and Jim for our national convention.

This program a game changer.  They approach this problem from a fresh perspective.  George and Jim provide a breakthrough strategy to acquire consistency.  Best of all, it is designed for the very people that need it the most.  

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Kevin Marino

Business Consultant

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Let’s begin the conversation.
Let’s start making a difference. Today.

Learn how to bring consistency
to your organization.


80% of people are wired for inconsistency. Literally. To make real change, you need a plan specifically designed for these talented, capable, (and inconsistent) individuals.
The Consistency Chain is that plan.

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